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About Solar Fire

Written from the ground up for Windows, Solar Fire was the first "true-blue" Windows-based professional astrology program. As a result, Solar Fire takes better advantage of the Windows Graphical User Interface, even now, than any other astrology program.

In Solar Fire Gold, aka Solar Fire 9, for example, you can open many charts and arrange them around a page. You can view the TimeMap, a biwheel, and an astromap all on one screen, and you can resize and position virtually every screen to just the dimensions that you want.

In addition, Solar Fire Gold retains the remarkable ease of use of all of the previous versions, while adding an incredible range of powerful features.

For example, you can easily create an number of aspects and aspect sets, different sets of points to display onscreen (e.g. planets with asteroids, planets with extra angles, ptolemaeic planets, etc.), specify the color for every point and line, etc.

Solar Fire's Page Designer is remarkably simple to use, and enables you to design as many pages as you want, with exactly the charts, tables, listings, and graphs, all perfectly positions and sized.

And the TimeMap is Solar Fire is by far the best portrayal of predictive events available in astrological software. It enables you to see when different events overlap, and to choose from a huge number of astrological events.

E.g. Imagine being able to display any combination of transits (both to birth charts and in the sky), progressions (both to birth charts and in the sky), directions, entries into houses and signs, the void-of-course Moon, Solar and Lunar eclipses, planetary stations, and parallels, and to be able to specify which transiting and progressed planets and points to use, and which transit and progressed aspects to use, and which natal planets. Imagine being able to choose from a huge number of extra points for these searches (both to and from) including midpoints, Fixed Stars, asteroids, Uranian points, Arabic Parts, planetary nodes, and many other astromomical bodies.

And to have the power to set duration of each search from one day to hundreds of years, and save each search you design to reuse at any time!

Also exceptional is Solar Fire's unparalleled ability to show animated charts. Imagine watching transits or progressions (or both) move around a natal chart, and see all of the aspects forming and subsiding. Even better, the moment an aspect shifts from applying to separating, Solar Fire Gold changes the aspect line from a solid one to a dotted one. Or imagine choosing the best time for a class, or an investment, by advancing a chart step-by-step by seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, or years!

The program also lets you create ephemeris pages, Vedic charts, birthday reminders, a wide variety of reports, and even lets you record a set of jobs that you can run again later, at the push of a button. E.g. imagine you want a set that includes a a natalchart, the currrent Solar Return, a Time Map, a progressed chart, and a biwheel with the transits around the natal chart. Record it once and then have all of these done the next time you need them, for as many people as you want, instantly.

Add to all of this one of the best monthly astrological calendars, incredibly powerful modules for searching chart files and searching the past and future for a huge range of astrological factors, a great eclipse module, a built-in planetarium, astro-mapping features, and so much more, and you have a world-class astrology program.

An important note: I often get asked by astrologers why I offer Solar Fire at such a low price, and give free Priority shipping and over 60 stunningly beautiful artistic chart pages that I designed to each of my customers, too. The answer is simple: I love astrology and want to empower as many astrologers as possible to be able to have such fine software.

When you purchase Solar Fire through me, you not only get the best prices and great extras, you also receive the latest version, fully registered. sent to you directly from Astrolabe, with their full support and mine.

Feel free to also visit my original website,, by clicking here, to see all of my reviews of astrology software, articles on how best to use your software, and much more.

And to go directly to the most comprehensive guide to astrology software on the web, click here.

And beginning, intermediate, and advanced astrologers have all praised my over 100 free tutorials in Western and Vedic astrology, which you can read by clicking here.

To order the latest version of Solar Fire at the best price, with many links to many tutorial videos, a better manual, and over 60 extra beautiful chart pages, click here.

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